Ronald B. Sarstedt

Ronald B. Sarstedt - Washington DC & Cleveland ArchitectMr. Sarstedt received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Ohio University. Currently, he is a practicing architect with a professional license in the State of Ohio, The District of Columbia, and is N.C.A.R.B. certified, with International exposure.

Mr. Sarstedt has been commissioned for a wide variety of commissions, in both scope and scale. His interests and expertise extend to numerous disciplines including graphic design, furniture design, interior design, neighborhood design, as well as architecture. His work has received recognition by the American Institute of Architects and the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association for design excellence, historic preservation, and environmental awareness.

His commitment and dedication to cultural excellence is reflected through his professional and community involvement. As a member of the American Institute of Architects he has participated in forums addressing professional practice, historic preservation, and architectural design. In his neighborhood of Ohio City he has been active with landmark designation, design review, and housing. He has also served on Boards of Zoning Review.

His architecture expresses the rhythm of music and the power of dance. It uniquely and sympathetically forms a holistic whole with the natural world, creating an exciting and stimulating spatial experience. It is architecture of expectation and discovery; passion and romance. It celebrates the spirit of youth, play, and surprise. It is architecture meant for working, playing, and living, transcending fashion and igniting the human spirit.