Our Philosophy

Architecture is often considered both an art and a science. Our studio does not support that theory. We support architecture as an art form that utilizes science for shape, comfort, and safety. As such architecture is expressive. It is developed from a creative process of transforming the pragmatic physical world into a stimulating and spiritual environment, one that evokes an emotional response for the purpose of lifting the human spirit. Actually, we subscribe to the proposition that architecture is “the most comprehensive of all visual arts” for its potential to influence people. Architecture is not a matter of choice; we are constantly and involuntarily exposed to it.

Environmentally, architecture is both a fine art and craft art. It is manmade, created from the natural world. Architecture should respect Planet Earth where the natural world becomes an integral component of its composition. We believe architecture evolves holistically.

As a science, the knowledge to construct is fundamental to the creation of a manmade environment. We believe in a process that is structured to include ongoing research of current construction methodologies.

Financially, affordability is a critical requirement in giving form to architecture. We believe internal control procedures are critical at each stages of a commission’s execution.

Since the studios inception in 1976, we have believed “Green Building” practices to be an integral design component of its architecture. This includes the incorporation active and passive solar elements and other alternate energy sources. As a minimum, our professional standards and individual beliefs meet and most often surpass standards set forth in codes, standards, and policies.