Design II

architects, cleveland, washington, sustainability, residential designContinuing with the basic design concepts of sustainability the plan for this home is flexible to accommodation the client’s wishes. Presently, the second floor plan of the “South House” does not include a second full bath or bedroom. This space is to be used as a “Studio”. However, plumbing and electric “runs” shall be installed to accommodate the user’s future wishes.

Flexibility is further extended to the future development of this model. It has been design to establish a foundation from which to build a carbon neutral home. In the Cleveland area that means utilizing both active solar and wind systems. At the time when these systems become “off the shelf” items for residential use, only minor modifications will be necessary. These changes include modifying the roof pitch to 12/12 and substituting the gas fired heating plant with an electric geothermal heat pump.

Conservation of materials is also addressed in this plan. Influenced by site conditions, modular construction, choice of materials, and aesthetics, the quantity of materials used and wasted has been substantially reduced when compared to “conventional” practices.